Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2. Architects of Interactivity

Activities to Engage the Online Learner
By Rita-Marie Conrad, Ana Donaldson and nancy Nelson Knupfer

Published in 2000 this short article reflects on some fundamental ideas about constructivism, engaged learning and the need for interactivity, prior to and now in the midst of technological advances for learning and instruction.

With a basic overview about engaged learning and connections to the dynamic nature of the Internet and technological tools, the article briefly provides a suggested model of phases of engagements and example of activities that guide the readers to very practical steps in implementing interactive settings in online learning environments. While most of the suggestions can be enhanced with todays current Web 2.0 tools, the basic ideas of development of learning steps that guide learners through stages of incrementally more complex uses of the online environments, the ideas of scaffolding the learning journey remains fundamental and provides the opportunity for initial reflections and planning.

A key message is the idea that instructors are "Architects of Interactivity"a creative term that directly speaks to the designing and planning skills instructors can work with to create welcoming, safe, engaging and dynamic learning environments.

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