Saturday, April 9, 2011

25. Reflecting on E-Learning for Adults

Robert M. Burnside
The technology Source Archives
University of Carolina

Real learning can happen everywhere and anytime. What will determine our approaches to education are our underlining values and purposes. This article considers these elements from a business perspective.

"The advent of the Internet as a means of delivering and facilitating learning is blurring the line between traditional academic education, held away from the job and focused more on ideas that on the application of ideas, and traditional job training, held at work and focused more on applied skills than on the mastery of a body of knowledge." (p.2)

The discussion here focuses on the need of employees to have meaningful and reliable as well as effective access to the knowledge required to build working skills anytime, anywhere. The conversation puts a spin on questions around the value of full academic degrees and more specialized and skill-oriented qualities that employees can acquire also through online delivery.

Though not specifically addressing designing issues and challenges of instructors, this article supports once again, the need to establish collaborations, partnerships and opportunities for innovative learning environments. When considering ESL learners and their own goals to achieve mastery of the language to become fully functioning citizens as well as finding careers that match their skills and goals, online learning seems to be a highly valuable venue for new learning to occur.

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