Wednesday, April 20, 2011

40. Practical Tools in online teaching Inventories

Managing the Process of Online Teaching Inventory
Patient Education Management
April 1, 2009 pNA

Another non-scolarly reference that contains some really interesting tips that could be easily worked into ESL online learning plans.

Easy read (only two pages)

  • To track a great number of resources for what constitutes a catalog of tools for patients and the public in general, this institution established a nice routine and system that allowed for quick and effective development and publishing of the material. Consider these ideas as part of content of an online course.
  • Use a spreadsheet with one sheet per resource or category to save and update all work done on the inventory. A good idea could be to use sheets in the spreadsheet that contain categories of resources. Within each sheet resources can be titles, itemized, meta-data information included and stages of work on each resource can be easily considered. These can also help track down itemized hours worked on each individual resource.
  • Create consensus with group of people, team  members, agreeing on initial and fundamental criteria and basis for approval of a resource and needs for edits. This will make the later steps of the work easier to deal with.
  • Maintain consistency in processes and products - but also be flexible, especially at the beginning of a process.

As I indicated above, these are practical ideas, and it is reassuring to know that they worked in practice for online inventorying purposes, even though for specific content needs. The strategies are valid across the border and can support and facilitate the achievement of solutions for managing content.

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