Friday, March 4, 2011

5. Learning from Learning Objects: a Look at Standards

Interoperability and Learning Objects: An Overview of E-Learning Standardization

by Norm Friesen, CanCore Initiative
Athabasca University
Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects, Volume 1, 2005, pages 23-31

This article is a bit more technical in nature than all preceding ones, and I feel even of ones to follow. however it reminds readers of a few extremely important issues to consider when approaching online learning, from the designer perspective. These include:

  1. Attributes of portability, interoperability and reusability of systems, content and metadata in online learning (and LOs)
  2. The importance of considering pros and cons of standardization - in other words approaching the setting of standards to create and organize online delivery from multiple perspectives and with great caution. Not all sizes fit all deliveries and contexts remain important to ultimate successful outcomes.
  3. The idea that initially designers work on specifications - which are more fluid and flexible and are worked on a recursive basis to ensure they work for the team. Standards become more global and fixed processes that apply broadly across platforms and technologies.
  4. Learning from history and understanding pros and cons of "ad hoc" systems and developments.
  5. Nothing is pedagogically neutral - know your value and where you stand and why!
  6. Alphabetical reference of key organizations that contribute to the development of standards in e-learning (see pages 25-26)

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