Wednesday, April 20, 2011

39. About Feedback

Natasha's Blog

Good ideas and reflections come from everywhere. Not only scholarly articles. This blog I link to on purpose reflects the idea that sharing inspirational moments and learnings from experience can be as powerful as hard core research, especially for practical upraises.

I add below a few highlights of the blog entry about feedback, based on the article by Nicole and Macfalane-Dick (2006)

  • be explicit in expectations and criteria for assessment - this is really hard to do, if one does not have a clear understanding or idea of what excellence will look like in one's class. This has nothing to do directly or innately with technology. It is simply good pedagogy. However, for as much as technology can enhance formats and ways to determine and model excellence, ultimately the idea is to decide on goals prior to beginning an online offering. Changing ways and end goals along the way can be highly detrimental.
  • use intentional and reflective self-assessment - this is also something that technology can totally support and enhance. Facilitating these reflective steps and supporting self-assessment with models, self-tests and reflection journals of sort, can truly be a great advantage in online learning.
  • deliver high quality feedback - this can be negotiated in term of expectations, timely turn around feedback, involvement degrees into the feedback process, etc. Once more, online learning will closely support creative ways to attend to this element.
  • see feedback as a dialogue opportunity
  • promote positiveness and high self-estemeem
  • scaffold to close the gap from where students are at and where they wish to get
  • accept feedback from learners and elicit it often

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