Thursday, March 17, 2011

18. Learnings from a PD Model Approach

by Christina C. Schaller
April 2008 v 35 i4 p.22(2)
The Journal (Technological Horizons in Education

This brief two-page article contains a few interesting ideas around approaches to delivering PD sessions to instructors, so it does not automatically and directly relate to the actual design of online learning environments for ESL settings. However, the ideas can complement hybrid approaches to learning and give suggestions of what is possible to arrange to meet users' needs.

As I said - a very brief article.

  • web content accessed on the fly (digital and mobile content)
  • basic specifications on the end-user 
  • experience that indicates that 30 minutes of online training (content with task) followed by 30 minutes of peer collaboration (discussion, working together) can be as effective as a half-day workshop
  • content created for the online inservice can be used by a variety of users for a variety of settings (re-purposing opportunities)
  • easy way to track users and be able to formally base evaluation on usage and frequency of access
The research relate to students conducted at the Utah Education Network (

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