Monday, August 8, 2011

55.The Two Ps of Podcasting

Principles and Pedagogy: The Two Ps of Podcasting in the Information Technology Classroom
Mark Frydenberg, 2008 EDSIG, February 4

This short article holds significance based on the fact that it tries to connect the technical aspects and potentials of podcasting with pedagogical principles that are fundamental to any online delivery. Highlights follow - very easy read.

  • the RSS feed model impacts substantially the way learning occurs - once learners and teachers together agree on reputable sources to locate information about a specific topic and they subscribe to podcasting channels, the information comes to them and not the other way around.
  • advantages of pre-recorded sessions (short) that resemble the lecture style types of information delivery.   Advantages include: 
    • easy way to organize the sessions (consider benefits of metadata and tags)
    • shorter retrieval time
    • multi-use of similar information at different stages of learning
    • instructors can review their own material and modify it over time (this also engages instructors in ongoing learning)
    • instructors can make their mini-lectures as relevant as possible to the learning - this tends to increase engagement and interest in the learning
    • students can generate and share new information
    • the idea of walking libraries
  • There are two tables that summaries pros and cos of podcasting in the article that contain salient elements of potential and limitations of the tool
  • Students have now the responsibility of connecting with new information prior to a given session. They own their learning from inception. Students can then participate in discussions in deeper ways and demonstrate their reflective skills with their peers.
Finally, the article mentions a really great point: towards the end of the semester of the experiment of teaching using podcasts, students in the course became responsible for creating new podcasts to present new information to each other. This part of the course showed an increase in motivation, participation and higher level thinking skills of students.

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