Thursday, March 10, 2011

9. Strategies and Shortcomings

Technologies for Teaching Online: Strategies and Pitfalls
by Julie Meloni
The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 31, 2010 v57 i11 pNA

This short and easy read contains a summary of key technologies available to online instructors - the technologies are not born as instructional tools but they are presented as support for educational goals available to practitioners.


  • Considerations around synchronous and asynchronous communication, including use of discussion boards, chat room and emails.
  • A nice reflection is made about the idea of using blogs as teaching tools. Blogs remain an authoring voicing choice that give the owner of the blog a lot of space and opportunities to grow as a writer, for a variety of audiences. Certainly a communication tool worth exploring.
  • Consider selecting and sequencing the steps at which new tools are presented and implemented in the online environment - too many too fast will result in negative perceptions and experiences.
  • Course content managing tools mentioned in the article include suggestions around cloud-computing, as well as LMS from a variety of different providers.
  • Collaboration remains also a key feature of online learning - share ideas within the institution as well as across other organizations and specialists in the field.

Simple but effective ideas for beginner users of online instructional devices and platforms.

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