Sunday, April 10, 2011

26. I-Pods and Learning English

Learning English with IPods
Jan Lacina, Texas Christian University
technology in the classroom
Summer 2008
Also available online at the link here.

This easy to read article mentions a few practical ideas and example of ESL (ELL) language programs in a number of schools in the United States. Examples range from elementary to post-secondary programs, and there is a bit for everyone, in terms of positive effects that using IPods in schools can have in a variety of educational settings. A few are mentioned below. In addition the article gives practical links to tutorials and ideas around uses of IPods, which are also worth considering.

  • added opportunities to listen to audio and visual content at one's own time
  • improved motivation and interest in content topics
  • improved access to digital storage 
  • greater students' engagement and interest
  • writing skills improve
  • seamless integration of classroom activities from in-class into homework
  • encourage students to listen on the go

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