Friday, March 11, 2011

13. Online Landscape Facts

Changing the Landscape of Teacher Education via Online Teaching and Learning

Minsun Shin and Yoon-Joo Lee

 Technology Usage in the Classroom, January 2009. Pages 32-33 Retrieved from

This brief articles is important o keep in mind for a few significant evidence pieces, namely:

  • as of 2009 67% of colleges and universities agree that online education is the single most significant development and long-term strategy for the field of teacher preparation. This facts makes us reflect on the idea that online learning affects instructors from their preparation times as well as the delivery of programs. Instructors are expected to deliver in different formats and online learning is here to stay.
  • full online learning seems to be an option that would best fit more technology-savvy teachers and students. This is a critical factor to remember - when considering the new approach of delivery for ESL learners who may have never had an experience with the online environment before.
  • students do appreciate a way to establish an in-person connection with instructors and each other. Live sessions or synchronous require classes mediated by the technology seem an approach that will bear much fruit for later in the course.

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