Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23. Faculty Focus and Technology Use Ideas

Improve Feedback with Audio and Video Commentary
John Orlando
March 23, 2011

This brief post is about a series of blog entries more than just one single research piece, and I would consider suggesting anyone who is interested in very practical uses of technology and ideas, to check  the entire site out, not only one reading.

This specific post deals with concrete ideas and sharing of tried and true techniques to add video-sumamries and feedback about class delivery though online video-tools.

The tool suggested here specifically is - a very simple interface to set up short video recordings that instructors can use to summarize and provide feedback for students.

Advantages of using this idea and tool include:

  • learners "get" the nuances of the summary - video commentaries go beyond the written text.
  • increased perception of community of learning - the video and voice of the instructor reassures learners of feeling part of a community
  • content retention improves - recorded material can be revisited and it appears that it was more frequently cited in reflection and assignments
  • sense of being supported - learners may feel their needs and challenges are being addressed
This seems an extremely neat idea to consider and incorporate in adaptation of ESL course into online environment to address language barriers learners may find when dealing with text overload in isolated instances.

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