Sunday, April 17, 2011

32. Guiding Principles in Online ESL Programming

This brief summary refers to a series of tips and guidelines to support ESL instructors who wish to move into online learning deliveries. The document os not available publicly to date - but it was created based on funds from the AEI ministry and is connected to the work of ESL specialists in Alberta. If you wish to find out more about the document feel free to contact me.

The document lists a number of guidelines based on five different perspectives: materials, ID topics, Language Learning Outcomes, learners and instructors.

Under each perspective a section is created with easy to relate to guidelines about accessing resources, planning for online learning, considering instructors and learners' needs, etc.

With a total of 81 guidelines and a nice starting point bibliography the document can be a springboard for discussion and can lead to whatever direction an institution wishes to take, once they consider the guidelines and compare them to their own contexts.

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