Monday, April 25, 2011

43. More Considerations Around Technology

A Comparison of Traditional and technology-Assisted Instructional Methods in the Business Communication
Diza Sauers, Robyn C. Walker
Business Communication Quarterly
Volume 67
Number 4
430 - 442

This article talks about a study that was conducted with business communication students, and it supports an initial understanding that online education can in fact become the best mean of delivering learning opportunities for some students. This supposes the fact that online education can be at least as effective as traditional education and, in certain cases even more suitable for learners.

The validity of the study includes the rigorousness of the method, and the sample of participants - 261 students in total. Two key results emerge from the project data:

  • rate of frequency of communication tasks was at least 6 times higher in the online environment through the use of communication tools such as email and discussion postings. This means that students will naturally use these tools more often if they are in online environments than in face to face settings.
  • writing skills seem to naturally improve in online learning settings

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